Securitisations and their Tax Treatment


  1. Corporates are almost always in need of cash – whether for growing and expanding the business, settling maturing debt obligations, or funding a take-over. Depending on its credit rating, a company may meet this need by issuing unsecured debt securities. However, raising capital this way may be a tad expensive. A less expensive alternative may be for the company to pledge its existing assets and borrow against them. Yet another way to raise cash is through factoring of the […]

Should Carried Interests in Private Equity Be Taxed As Capital or Revenue?

Cornwell Dauds


  1. The favourable tax treatment of private equity profits has been a cause for concern for many revenue authorities, precisely because of the apparent tax base erosion effect. In some countries, even the public has expressed its outrage at the favourable manner in which private equity profits are taxed.
  2. As an emerging economy, South Africa relies heavily on investment and, like many other economies, government uses a number of options at its disposal – including tax measures – to […]