About Hephzibah Rajah

Hephzibah Rajah holds an LLB and was admitted to the Johannesburg Society of Advocates in 2010. Her preferred areas of practice include administrative and constitutional, corporate and commercial, labour, competition, and tax law. She has appeared in the High Courts, the Supreme Court of Appeal, the Land Claims Court, the Labour Court, and the Competition Tribunal.

The Reality of a Male Dominated World: Different Does Not Mean Inferior


The gender debate impacting the community and the legal fraternity makes both a fascinating story and an exciting intellectual exercise. In this short article, I explore the main areas of interest namely: the impact on process and outcome of the gender comparison and  a reflection on the relation between women to the law both practically and theoretically. Some food for thought is whether:

  • the application of the law is the same on women and men?
  • the liberal concept of the […]